Find the information and download the forms you’ll need to enroll your child in Y School Age Care Program.  

Forms below are required for enrollment:


State or county assistance

Families who are working with a state or county agency that helps cover the cost of Child Care expenses must contact their caseworker about the child’s involvement in our program. Parents using state, county or third-party payments must provide a caseworker name, phone number and case number at the time of registration. Only upon receipt of the authorization from the third party, will the child be enrolled.

For County Subsidy, a current “Authorization of Service” must be on file with the Y. Co-payments are due in full by the first of the month, unless payment arrangements are made with the Customer Service Center.

Parents will be held liable for all co-payments and fees not covered by an authorization. An expired authorization or failure to pay co-payments may result in termination of your child’s enrollment. County Claim forms must be signed and returned to the Y within one week of receipt. Failure to provide a signed claim form could result in the parent being liable for full childcare fees.