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Join our nationally-certified instructors in the pool for a fun and challenging workout. Work at your own ability level during a variety of water exercise classes with the encouragement from friendly, welcoming classmates.

This class concentrates on improving your range of motion gently and effectively. Workouts aim to decrease pain and stiffness, help maintain and improve joint flexibility, and increase energy. Class takes place in our zero-depth entry, 86-degree recreational pool. An elevator to the pool level is available. 

Shallow Water Fitness
A shallow water cardio class designed for all fitness levels.  Variety and full-body exercise combine to make a great workout. Swimming skills are not required.

Deep Water Fitness
Intense, fun deep water class for those looking to step up their fitness program.  Great music and total body fitness with emphasis on core stabilization for a great challenge.  Swimming skills are recommended.

Tabata/Boot Camp

A fun class which combines moderate to high intensity water aerobics using all the large muscle groups.  No two classes are ever alike and ofern use both shallow and deep water.  Excellent cross training opportunity.  Aquatic equipment may be used for resistance and buoyancy.  Swimming skills are not required, but are helpful.