Aquatics classes, courses and lessons run on a six or seven-week session schedule—here are the 2017-2018 dates.

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March - April Youth Programs begin March 12. Early Bird Registration and Pricing begins February 12th.

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2017-2018 Youth Programs and Registration Dates

Session 1: September 11—October 21 (6 Weeks)

Registration begins August 7th

Session 2: October 30—December 16 (6 weeks)

Registration begins October 9th

Holiday Break: November 20-25

Session 3: January 8—February 24 (7 weeks)

Registration begins December 4th

Session 4: March 12—April 28 (7 weeks)

Registration begins February 12th

Session 5: June 4—July 28 (7 weeks)

Registration begins April 23rd

Holiday Break: July 2—July 7