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UPDATE 03/15/2020


Greetings YMCA Family,

In response to the measures being taken in our community to decrease exposure to the COVID-19 virus,
the Red Wing YMCA is responding by pivoting to meet the emergency needs of this health crisis. We will 
open our School Aged Care program to families in need. Priority will be given to those families who are
already registered for our before and after school programs, and our no school day programs. 

If you need School Aged Childcare please call and leave a message at 651-388-4724 ext 218

-Peach tree Childcare will operate as normal

-Sunshine Corner will be closed as per our normal procedure

-Child Watch will be closed so that we may re-deploy our staff into School Aged Care programming 

This is a very serious situation that will challenge us all as we pull together as a community to take care of each other. 
We will provide frequent updates as this fast changing situation develops. 




Hi folks, I wanted to fill you all in on the steps we’ve taken here at the YMCA to respond to the new COVID-19 virus situation.  We’ve gotten daily updates from Y USA and the CDC about disease spread and severity.  We have been proactively taking steps to respond for two weeks and continue to enhance our action as circumstances evolve and new information becomes available.  Here are many of the best practices we have shared and deployed:

  1. Employees, members and program participants are asked to stay home if they have a cough, fever, runny nose or other respiratory symptoms.
  2. Clean and wipe all surfaces, door hardware, keyboards, bathroom fixtures, tables, exercise equipment and other high traffic areas with disinfectant often throughout the day.
  3. Refrain from handshakes, hugs and other physical touching.
  4. Maintain a wider than normal social distance.
  5. Cover any and all sneezes and coughs.
  6. We notified parents in all youth programming about the situation and provided steps to combat it, including when to keep your child at home.  This is an extension of our normal F.U.D.G.E. protocols.
  7. We’ve added more disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer devices and spray bottles for wiping off machines, railings, tables etc.
  8. Follow basic, frequent hand washing protocol throughout the day.
  9. For classes that require mats and other equipment, please bring your own from home as an extra measure of protection.
  10. IMPORTANT: If you are in a high-risk group – age wise or immunosuppressed – please consider safety before mixing with the general population.

These practices are recommended by the CDC and Y USA.  They are common-sense preventative measures that become more important in the face of a health problem of unknown dimensions and severity.  Some voices have asked us when we will close?  A closing decision would be made in consultation with the MDH and the County Public Health Department.  The last scare was H1N1 several years ago and the Public Health department was very explicit and made sure we knew weeks in advance that they would close us if they deemed it necessary.  I have spoken with the lead representative at the County Public Health Department and emphasized our desire for guidance to keep people as safe as possible.  I think the Public Health position is that COVID will come – however, by working smart together, we can help reduce the spread and impact of this contagion in our area so that medical providers and resources are readily available for those requiring the most critical care.

Rest assured we are actively listening, proactively planning and being as intentional as we possibly can to ensure we are both available to our community and protecting our staff members and guests.  My door is always open.

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