Meet Megan J.

Megan and Noah

To kick off our Annual Campaign-we are sharing impact stories with our donors and potential donors. This first story comes from Megan J., a Leader in Training participant at YMCA Camp Pepin. She shares how her Camp experience has shaped her to become a great leader and student. Read Megan's story here:

The LIT program at Camp Pepin has really changed my perspective on people in my life. It has also helped me to understand the difference between serious times and times to goof around and have fun. I have changed the way I look at my classmates at school-because when you are at Camp, everyone is the same. Nobody is more popular than anyone else, it's just Camp and everyone is here for the same reason.

Being a part of the Leaders in Training program at YMCA Camp Pepin has helped me become a stronger leader and become more driven and confident to lead my peers-I could even see myself leading a cabin in the future! This camp is a place I will never forget-it is like a second home to me.

Because of your generous donations, more young people are able to have great camp experiences, just like this one. THANK YOU! Help us continue to inspire and guide more young leaders, just like Megan! Please consider making a contribution to our annual campaign.