Peach Tree Graduation

2019 PeachTree Graduation

Peach Tree at the Red Wing Family YMCA celebrated their class of graduates on Friday, June 7. We celebrated with pizza, family play time and a graduation ceremony. These young learners have grown so much over their time here. We want our parents and young learners to know that their time in child care with us was precious and that we valued every moment. Here are the Red Wing Family YMCA, we want to offer young learners and parents the chance to celebrate the closing of their preschool years and the beginning of new experiences to come. Our graduates are moving on to new discoveries and new accomplishments, but what they take with them and the moments we shared together is all worth celebrating. Here's to the Peach Tree class of 2019!

Peach Tree at the Red Wing Family YMCA is a four-star Parent Aware rated program. All of our teachers are qualified Early Childhood Teachers and have a degree in early Childhood Education.

Graduating class includes: Finnegan Beckman, Archer Amdahl, Nora Heckman, Quinn Fischer, Felix Koenig, Perri Anderson, Griffin Riester, Thomas Erickson, Mylah Crownhart, Benjamin Kitzmann, Jaxon Mahn, Abby Hattemer, Riley Plote, Logan Schroeder, and Gwyneth Peterson.

Teachers are: Heather Everson, Maria Barrick, and Katelynn Campbell