Happy National Soft Ice Cream Day!

Red Wing Family YMCA Soft Ice Cream Day

It's National Soft Ice Cream Day! Wait, did we just say soft ice cream day? Yes! We did! Did you know there's a difference between soft and hard ice cream?! If not, here's the difference according to nationaldaycalendar.com.

Soft vs. Hard Ice Creams

While they are made with the same ingredients, soft ice cream has less milk fat-it also has more air than hard ice cream. Both of these factors, make soft ice cream more delicate and smoother than hard ice cream. Another difference is how the ice creams are kept frozen.

Soft ice cream machines keep a temperature of 43 degrees F while hard ice creams are kept at 54 degrees.

So how can you celebrate #softicecreamday?

Head over to your local soft serve hot spot and grab your favorite sundae or dipped cone. How do you like to eat your soft ice cream? Share it with us on social media using #softicecreamdayRW!