Camp Pepin's 2020 Season decision due to COVID 19  

After many hours of national zoom call meetings with camp directors from around the country, representatives from the CDC, Y-USA and the American Camping Association, as well as phone conversations with officials in our Wisconsin Department of Health, and nurses at Pepin County Public Health, we have made the decision with our Advisory Board to close summer camp programming for the 2020 summer. This decision was not made easily and it was made with the welfare of our campers, staff and Pepin County neighbors in mind, and from input from the thoughtful Summer Camp 2020 team of cooks, maintenance, and counselors.

We are working out a few things looking forward that are important for you to know. As the coronavirus spikes decline, and we are able to invite more than 10 people at a time to Camp Pepin, we are working on a model that would fit with the cohort group guidance from CDC, to create opportunities for families to come and stay in a cabin at camp together and enjoy the beautiful shores of Lake Pepin together; different from summer camp but a safer model this year.

We will also be building out the process next week, so that you can make your decision on how you want your camp payments to be handled. Currently there is a stop payment on all registrations, and we would like you to consider the options of a refund, leaving your money in toward your camper’s 2021 Camp Pepin registration, or donating your registration to support the expenses already incurred from building the summer season.

I will be candid and tell you I have cried quite a bit with the struggles of this decision, but especially this evening when I walked down to the river and thought about the evening campfires, from our hilarious ZANY campfire to our deeply meaningful closing fire, the Friendship fire. Camp Pepin is a place that I have watched your children let go of your hand and move into the camp community- some with fear and trepidation, some with ease and some just wide open wild and ready to play. It’s a place where your children get to learn more about nature, making new friends, trying new things and taking healthy risks. I am so thankful that you entrust us with your children, and although we will not have our cumulative feet here in the sand all together on the shores of Lake Pepin- Be Brave this summer and share the values that we live at camp, reach out to help a neighbor, learn new skills, work on being a good listener, use your voice, step up to needed tasks in your own home and do what you can to make your community a safe and welcoming place.

Peace and Gratitude,

Your Camp Director- Martha


Camp Pepin is a life experience with value that far extends beyond the boundaries of a single summer.

At YMCA Camp Pepin, we offer Campers ages 6-17 an opportunity to see how amazing our world truly is. Our Campers have the opportunity to experience carefully crafted itineraries, small groups, and attentive, caring leaders. From paddling to sailing, target sports, and arts and crafts, our adventures are sure to help your Camper discover a whole new world, while sharing in the fun of new friendships with amazing leadership.

A week at Camp Pepin is like no other week during the summer. When kids are away from home and away from parents and everyday friends, they grow. New experiences, new friends and new challenges shape campers into confident, independent kids.

Campers gain confidence in themselves and who they are by making independent decisions about their day and activities. Our low camper-to-counselor ratio allows campers develop strong bonds with their counselors. In turn, counselors help campers reach their goals.

Camp Pepin is intentionally rustic. From our wooden cabins and bunks to our no electronics policy, campers connect with each other in the real world – face-to-face and friend-to-friend – during activities, meals and evening cabin time.


Trad Overnight Camp

Traditional Overnight Camps

 ~ Starting at $549

With woods, water, real friends and connected counselors, Camp Pepin shapes campers into confident, independent kids. Traditional camp options are perfect for ages 6-17. Younger Campers can enjoy Camp Kickapoo-a special Traditional Camp experience to ease into life at Camp Pepin.

Special Camp

Specialty Camps

~ Starting at $599

Have you ever gazed out on the lake and wondered what it would be like to hop aboard that beautiful boat with the wind in its sail? Or, how about learning about the very water in that lake and what's below that beautiful blue...Maybe your Camper would like to hone their skills on stand up paddle boards, kayaks or even some log rolling? Campers choose their adventure, alongside traditional camp activities-perfect for Campers ages 6-17.


Trip & Trail Camps

~ Starting at $699

The bluffs, woods, rivers, lakes, and trails provide a wonderful playground for those that enjoy adventures in the out-of-doors. During each trail & trip Camp, our staff will lead overnight experiences that teach skills and cover distances that are age-appropriate and tailored to the physical stature and experience of their campers. Our trail & trip camps are perfect for Campers ages 12-17.

Teen Leadership

Teen Leadership Camps

~ Starting at $1059

Our older Campers are in a position to share with our younger Campers some of the skills and experiences that have been taught to them. In doing this, they must take on certain levels of responsibility in keeping the traditions of YMCA Camp Pepin alive for the next generation. Teen leadership camps are perfect for Campers ages 13-17 years of age.