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Click on the titles below to learn more about our policies at Red Wing Family YMCA.



Our policy is based on the Red Wing Community School District School Cancellations, Delays, or Early Outs/After School Closures:  

  • When school is called off/canceled - all group exercise classes/lessons/youth sports programs and Sunshine Corner are canceled.
  • When school is delayed - no group exercise classes/lessons/youth sports programs/Sunshine Corner will resume as scheduled.
  • When school is let out/dismissed early - no evening group exercise classes/lesson/youth sports programs.
  • After School Activities Cancelled - no lessons/group exercise classes/youth sports programs after 4 PM.

Peachtree Childcare will remain open 6am-6pm.

All private lessons/sessions/appointments are up to the instructor/coach/trainer. Please contact your trainer/instructor if you have any questions.  


Updated Policies & Procedures for Child Watch Areas

Child Watch Policy and Procedure for YMCA Members and Guests

Our Child Watch rooms are designed for children to have a fun experience of play while the parent/ guardian are in the YMCA building.

  • Only the child may be in the age appropriated rooms. Children 6 weeks to 33 months are designated in Child watch 1. Children 33 months to 8 years of age are designated in Child Watch 2. Parents at drop of time may be allow up to 10 minutes to help their child at the transition into the room. The parent / guardian will be paged to return back to the Child Watch room if the staff feel the child is struggling at drop off.

  • When merging children from Child Watch 2 to Child Watch 1, staff will post the sign on the door for parents/ guardians to pick up in Child Watch 1. This is needed if our numbers are low or if we are short staffed. Parent/Guardian are required to give all information on the check in sheet upon entering. Knowing where you are in the building is important in the event of an emergency.

  • Leaving the building is not allowed and will result in termination to the program.

  • Our Child Watch rooms are designed for children only. If you would like to interact in play with your child while at the YMCA, please stop at the front desk to get some equipment to take to any of our gyms.

  • Cell phone and photos taken are not permitted in our Child Watch rooms. This is a NO cell phone space.

  • For your convenience our YMCA has a breast feeding station in the women’s locker room or feel free to find a location around our building.

  • Child Watch is ONLY open during the hours listed by the room doors. Personal family time is not allowed.

  • Children may have a sippy cup/ bottle with them. Staff will need to label your child’s full name on it to comply with our health regulations. Children will be offered beverage breaks, however we will also be teaching not to walk around with sippy cup. This will keep germs and disease at a low.

  • Staff will page you if your child needs attention to diaper changing or bathroom accidents.

Thank you for your understanding as we implement these best practices and continue to give our little members an enjoyable engagement here at the YMCA.

-YMCA Child Care Staff