Indoor TRI Season is here!

The Red Wing Family YMCA is proud to host the Y-TRI Indoor Triathlon! Upon becoming an indoor Triathlete, it's our hope to inspire finishers to consider more events! Regardless of your background or goals, our Health & Wellness team is here to help support your journey and celebrate with you along the way.

What is an indoor TRI?

The indoor triathlon is based on time rather than distance-meaning you receive points for going further in a specific period of time, not going faster over a fixed distance. The event consists of:

  • SWIM: 10 minutes in the lap pool
  • TRANSITION: 10 minutes (moving from pool to the Group Fitness Studio)
  • BIKE: 20 minutes on an indoor cycle
  • TRANSITION: 5 minutes (moving from the Group Fitness Studio to the Wellness Center)
  • RUN: 15 minutes on a treadmill

Results are based on the percentage of best distance. Every athlete will be awarded points based off best distance at percentage.

Less Distance Performed / Best Distance Performed

Transition times are fixed between events and do not count toward participants scores.


Register and Receive

Register and receive a host of gifts below and become a Triathlete in just 40 minutes. All participants will receive:

  • Event T-Shirt
  • Swim Cap
  • Sinch Bag
  • Special Offers from Red Wing businesses
  • Two-Guest Passes to the Red Wing YMCA


Train with the YMCA Health & Wellness Team

Training for a triathlon can be a fun and rewarding social experience. Join our YMCA Health & Wellness Team and take advantage of weekly group training sessions, technique development advice, monthly training plans, and even social activities! This 8-week training is for all levels & abilities, from beginners to elite-our team has something for everyone! Training begins on May 4-join us!


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cycles are used?

  • All participants will use the indoor cycles located in the Group Fitness Studio.

How do you track distance?

  • All distances will be self-reported to an event volunteer at the conclusion of each activity.

What is the resistance like on the cycle?

  • Each participant will be able to set their own resistance at a level that is comfortable for their ability. Keep in mind, injuries can occur if you spin too fast, so we recommend each participant set the tension at a level that is safe and comfortable based on their cycle experience.

How do you track laps in the swimming pool?

  • We measure your swim distance in lengths, not laps. Each time you touch the wall counts as one length. Volunteers will be at each lane counting for you-all you have to do is swim!

Do I have to swim a certain stroke?

  • No-in fact, you may swim any stroke you like, including the doggy paddle!

What if I need a break during the swim?

  • You may rest on the walls, hold onto the lane line or stand on the bottom of the pool to rest. You may stop and rest for as long as you wish to-just remember, the clock is ticking!

Will there be a place to change out of my swimsuit before the cycle portion?

  • The locker rooms will serve as your transition area. You will have 10 minutes to change out of your suit, into your biking and running gear. This goes by much faster than you think-so keep moving! You should bring your running stuff with you to the Group Fitness Studio for the cycle portion as you will not have time to hit the locker room prior to the cycle portion.

What is the incline on the treadmill?

  • You may leave the incline at zero on the treadmill or any higher setting if preferred.

Can I use a personal music player during the cycle and running portion?

  • Absolutely! Headphones are allowed for the bike and run-keep in mind that there will be playing music in the Group Fitness Studio during the cycle portion.

When and where will results be posted?

  • Results will be posted following the conclusion of the event on this page by Tuesday.