Driven Coffee fundraising

YMCA Camp Pepin – Summer 2024 Fundraising 

We are excited to announce the return of our fundraising partnership with Driven Coffee!  

Driven Coffee is a small team of artisans from across the Midwest that came together in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to share a common passion for specialty coffee. They focus their efforts on responsibly sourcing, craft roasting, and meticulously brewing the best coffees possible to serve their customers across the country. 

The products available for sale span more than just Driven’s 11 Specialty Grade Coffee blends. They also offer teas, cocoa, and a wide variety of Voyager trail mixes and caramel corns – the perfect products for a summer camp fundraiser!

Take a look at the online catalog of products. 

With both in-person and online sale options, all of Camp Pepin’s families can now benefit from participating in the fundraising campaign – regardless of where you call home – and make sure that everyone who wants to spend a summer at YMCA Camp Pepin is able to do just that. 

The Details

This year, families can do their fundraising on their own time – up until a few weeks before camp! We will collect any in-person orders by the 1st of each month to ensure that all products are delivered in a timely manner and so families can have their earnings applied to their camp balances sooner.  

All In-person Sales Order Forms and collected money MUST be submitted by the 1st of each month. 

Funds raised will be credited to family balances through their CampInTouch account on the 4th or 5th of each month - after the previous report is provided. 


Two Ways to Sell:  

Families can choose to sell products online using our custom store or speaking with customers in person - or a combination of both methods to reach as many people as possible!  


  • 40% profit for sellers 
  • Orders shipped as received and delivered directly to the customer’s address (customer pays an additional flat-rate shipping fee of $7.95) 
  • More products available online 
  • Products will not have the Camp Pepin logo  

In Person

  • 40% profit for sellers 
  • Longer delivery time - orders are collected at the end of the campaign, then the coffee is roasted fresh & delivered to the Red Wing YMCA for pick-up within 3 weeks 
  • Applicable products will have the Camp Pepin logo 
  • Must be able to pick-up products for delivery from the Red Wing YMCA  


How to Participate: 

Step 1: If your family is interested in participating in this year’s fundraising campaign, please contact the Camp Director, Erik Burton, at to get your camper's name listed as a participant.  

Step 2: Gather your resources and information. 

  • If you are selling in person, you will need an order form/brochure. You can either download and print them on your own or pick one up from the Red Wing Family YMCA front desk. 
  • Cash or check are the accepted forms of payment for in-person sales. Checks can be made out to YMCA Camp Pepin or The Red Wing Family YMCA. 
  • Please note: In-person selling requires the pick-up of products from the Red Wing YMCA for delivery. If you are not able to physically come to Red Wing, please use the online sales option. 
  • If you are selling online, make sure you have the correct link for potential customers to use: 
  • Be sure to explain that customers should select your camper’s name from the drop-down menu during checkout! 

Step 3: Sell! 

  • Think about ways to encourage people to support a camper going to Camp Pepin. For example, talk with your camper about their favorite things about camp, why it’s special to them, or what they’re looking forward to this summer.  
  • Use photos from camp in a social media post sharing the fundraising information. 
  • Offer products to people you know, but don’t send campers door-to-door – especially without adult supervision. 
  • Send the store link (above) to family and friends who live far away, but still want to support your camper! 

Step 4: Submit orders (in person only) 

  • Be sure to submit all money and order forms to the Red Wing Family YMCA before the 1st of each month. 
  • Keep an eye out for communication regarding product distribution dates – families will be notified via email when products will be ready for pick-up. 

Step 5: Express your gratitude! 

  • Be sure to say thank you to those who supported your camper’s trip to Camp Pepin.  
  • Maybe your camper could make thank you cards to give out with the products, or to send to those who ordered online (if you know them). 

Step 6: Earnings will be applied to your family’s CampInTouch account balance 

  • Once all the earning amount information for each family is collected, it will be applied to the remaining balance 
  • This will happen within 2-3 days after the end of each round of fundraising