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Summer 2024

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Kids to Camp

Friendships, campfires, capturing flags and inspiring imagination. Thanks to continued support from our community members, we are to help hundreds of local children experience the quintessential magic of summer camp. YMCA Camp Pepin provides an environment where kids can be creative and stay active, while making memories that will last a lifetime. For parents, our programs allow their children to try new things in a safe, screen-free environment that allows them to gain confidence and grow as individuals.


But for some families, camp can feel out of reach. Already stretched budgets make it difficult to afford the costs of summer programs.


You can make camp possible. If you are able, please consider making a gift during our 'Kids to Camp 2024' campaign so we can keep serving our community. Your generous support makes sure every child has access to YMCA Camp Pepin and the life-changing benefits it provides. Together, we can help our children thrive.