Group Fitness Classes

We are committed to supporting your fitness goals through every stage of life, regardless of age or physical ability. Group fitness classes offer a unique, motivating environment for those who enjoy the encouragement of instructors and classmates.


Classical Ballet Barre [$$]

An opportunity to experience the beauty and benefits of classical ballet barre work. We focus on developing our posture, strength, flexibility, muscle control, and balance in a fun, encouraging atmosphere.  This classical ballet barre includes plies, tendus, degages, rond de jambes, fondus, frappes, grand battements, and even pirouettes. Gain grace, strength, memory, and posture while enjoying beautiful, classical ballet music.

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Core Excellence [Beginner Level Class]

Core and strength exercises put together on the PlaYGround to make a great overall workout using all muscle groups.

Cycle Circuit [All levels of fitness]

This is a studio cycling class with a twist! Alternating intervals of cardio work on the Cycle and strength training off the cycle. Staying on the cycle for the class is always an option for those who do not wish to do the strength training portions.

Cycling [All levels of fitness]

Build strength, improve cardiovascular endurance and burn calories like crazy in this athletic workout. Our fitness instructors will challenge you with multi-level and intense intervals on a specialized stationary bike.

Cycle Revolution [All levels of fitness]

This is our 45-minute signature cycling class. Every instructor is unique, but all REV Rides are full-body and high-energy. With killer leg, core, and cardio sequences, you’ll experience an incredible mind and body transformation!

GloveWorx & Conditioning [$$] [Intermediate to Advanced]

Ready to channel your inner Rocky?  Boxing is not just an arm workout. When done properly, it is a full body workout—legs, core, back, shoulders, and arms as well as a cardiovascular workout. Some boxing experience is preferred. If you have not taken a boxing class before or have little to no experience, please contact our Instructor, Emily H. to setup a training!

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PlaYground [All levels of fitness]

Gain Strength through Exercise!  You will have full use of the PlaYground, Olympic lifts, Dumbells, bands, balls, and Wellness Center Equipment.  We’ll focus on exercises that strengthen and tone your entire body with the use of weights or weight equipment.

Power Bootcamp [All levels of fitness]

A combination of strength, cardio, tabata & HIIT utilizing all different types of equipment working all parts of the body.

Sculpt & Tone [All levels of fitness]

A great muscle sculpting and toning routine that will tone and shape your entire body.

Step [All levels of fitness]

Step is a great way to raise the intensity of your workout, while keeping the impact on your joints to a minimum. This class will provide an excellent workout with fun choreography using a step.

Strength & Tabata [All levels of fitness]

Strength & Tabata interval training is one of the most effective types of high intensity interval training. Through a variety of simple, yet intense exercises, each class will blast the calories and provide noticeable results in a short amount of time. Whether your goal is muscle tone, weight loss, or both, this class will provide what you are looking for.

Strength + Abs [All levels of fitness]

Staying strong through our lives is vital to ensure our independence. Through this class you will increase your metabolism, improve bone density, and strengthen your muscles through the use of a variety of strength resistance equipment in our studios. This class is based on progressive resistance that gradually increase the training load as your muscles become stronger. Strength training is recommended on non-consecutive days to accommodate muscle recovery.

Tabata/Bootcamp [All levels of fitness]

The perfect combo of movement, motivation, and maximum energy - MORE THAN just a Group X class! This is an amazing workout with various HIIT timing patterning principles.  Participants will use a variety of equipment and every class is different. 

Total Body Knockout [All levels of fitness]

Cardio kickboxing combined with high energy cardio moves. Strength training and core work...a true Total Body Knockout experience.

Trek n' Tone [All levels of fitness]

The latest group-exercise program that takes advantage of the workout machines found in the wellness center, and especially our Red Wing YMCA’s PlaYground weight area. Combining cardio, treadmill, biking, rowing, and elliptical trainer, with weight machines around the wellness center, to give you a total body workout.

Youth GloveWorx & Conditioning [$$] [All levels of fitness]

Ready to channel your inner Rocky?  Or should we say Adonis Johnson (Apollo’s son in CREED). This workout is for kids 12-16. Boxing is not just an arm workout. When done properly, it is a full body workout—legs, core, back, shoulders, and arms as well as a cardiovascular workout. Learn the fundamentals of Boxing and how you can turn Boxing into a great fitness routine.

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Senior Classes

Restorative & Functional Fitness [Low Impact / Beginner Levels of Fitness]

Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activity for daily living skills.  Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a ball are offered for resistance, and a chair is used for seated and/or standing support.

Senior Circuit [Low Impact / Beginner-Intermediate Levels of Fitness]

A combination of cardio, strength and balance designed for those looking for low to no impact movement with strength and balance to enhance functional movement. And it is fun!


Yoga Classes

Chair Yoga [Low Impact / Beginner Levels of Fitness]

Chair Yoga invites you to find mobility in a way that is soft and gentle but also really supportive and beneficial. This practice, with the use of a chair at times, invites awareness and integrity into the body. Activating the muscles to better posture and energy flow. This class is perfect for those with injuries in the hips, knees, or ankle joints, or for those who simply don't want to go down to the floor. 

Hot Yoga Sculpt [High Impact / Beginner - Advanced Levels of Fitness]
-Studio temperature is increased to 82 degrees for this class-

Where muscle meets yoga!  Boost Metabolism & build lean muscle mass as you move to amazing upbeat music. You will use free weights and incorporate cardio to intensify yoga poses while mixing in strength training moves like squats, lunges & bicep curls.

Pilates / Barre Fusion [Low-Medium Impact / All levels of fitness]
-Studio temperature may be increased for this class-

If you like yoga, balance & conditioning training, Pilates/Barre Fusion may be perfect for you! It’s a conditioning fitness class that focuses on body alignment and breathing. The exercises cover all core powerhouse muscle groups: abs, lower back, shoulders, thighs and glutes. Yoga poses incorporated throughout the class along with a relaxation Asana finishing out the class.   

Yoga [All levels of fitness]

Explore a Vinyasa flow class - a slow warm up, then faster flowing movements, using breath-work, and mindfulness based approaches to move in a way that honors your body. The end of class we hold postures longer & aim to relieve stress & tension.

Yoga Fusion [All levels of fitness]

A true blend of balance, core strengthening and flexibility, Yoga Fusion combines the meditative, detoxifying qualities of yoga with some strengthen poses to help you deepen your yoga practice. Set to motivating music, you’ll focus on yoga postures that open the shoulders, hips and spine while strengthening your core and upper body.

Yoga: Go with the Flow [All levels of fitness]
-Studio temperature will be increased for this class-

Yoga is a flowing sequence of specific asanas (poses) coordinated with the movements of the breath. Vinyasa classes will challenge your aerobic endurance, enhance flexibility, and build overall strength.  You will create internal body heat and most likely sweat, so please bring a towel.

Yoga: Relax & Reflect [All levels of fitness]

A great option for beginners, moving at a slower pace allowing extra time to enjoy each pose. Attention to breath & alignment. Will use modifications & props.

Yoga: Strength, Balance & Flow [All levels of fitness]

A more challenging form of yoga characterized by sun salutations & a diverse series of strength, balancing, and muscle lengthening poses practiced in a flowing succession. This class emphasizes physical and mental strength, flexibility & stability.

Water Fitness

Deep Water Fitness [Low Impact / All fitness levels]

Intense, fun deep water class for those looking to step up their fitness program. Great music and total body fitness with emphasis on core stabilization for a great challenge. Swimming skills are recommended-belts are provided for this class.

Restorative Water Exercise [Low Impact / Beginner fitness levels]

A gentle class in a shallow pool designed to ease into movement and improve range of motion and balance. It is a great entry level class with a variety of modifications offered based on participant ability.

Shallow Water Fitness [Low Impact / All fitness levels]

A shallow water cardio class designed for all fitness levels. Variety and full-body exercise combine to make a great workout. Swimming skills are not required.

Water Tabata [Low Impact / All fitness levels]

Interval training class using a timer to perform 20 sec. of maximum intensity exercise, with 10 sec. of rest. Moderate to high intensity water aerobics using all the large muscle groups. This training type boosts both aerobic & anaerobic capacity.

Water Bootcamp [Low Impact / All fitness levels]

This class leads participants through a rugged workout of sports drills, circuits and interval training. Using the properties of water, these exercises are designed to improve your strength and stamina.