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Wellness Center Services

Since 1869, the Red Wing Family YMCA's Wellness Center has been there to support the health and well-being of all. People of all ages and backgrounds gather to grow in spirit, mind and body.

Our 10,000 square-foot Wellness Center includes an indoor walking/jogging track (located just off the Wellness Center in Gym A/B), exercise machines and equipment, stretching areas, free weights and a functional area. From questions on using the exercise or weight machines to executing squats and lunges with correct form—our Wellness Center staff is ready to help!


Schedule a Wellness Center Orientation!

Do you need help getting acquainted with the equipment in the Wellness Center? Or, maybe you need help learning safe techniques for equipment use, or even proper lifting form and etiquette? Then a Wellness Center Orientation is just what you are looking for!

During this one-hour experience, a Wellness Center staff member will lead you through each piece of equipment. They will measure you on each apparatus and record the proper placements for you, ensuring you'll get the best, safest workout when you're on your own. 

Schedule a Wellness Center Visit


Youth Wellness Center Orientation

We want all of our members-even our young ones to get the most out of their experiences at the Y. We want more smiles, more fun, and more positive results! Our Youth Wellness Center Orientation sessions are perfect for youth between the ages of 10 and 15. This session introduces procedures and safety guidelines in the Wellness Center. Upon completion, students will receive a special wristband upon check-in that allows them to use the Wellness Center.  

Ages 10-12 are allowed in the Wellness Center with a parent and must have an orientation
Ages 12-15 are allowed in the Wellness Center without a parent and must have an orientation

Youth Wellness Center Orientations are available by appointment only and are exclusively available to YMCA Members. Click the link to learn more about Youth Wellness Center Orientations.

Learn More About Youth Wellness Center Orientations


Fitness Coaching

Whether you are brand new to working out or an experienced fitness enthusiast, our Fitness Specialists are here to provide a variety of training options, to help you reach your fitness goals. 

Our Fitness Specialists can help any YMCA member from the new mom to the working professional, seniors and even those with special needs. YMCA Fitness Specialists come from many different backgrounds and walks of life just as our members do! We take great care in ensuring our members match with the right Specialist.

Learn More About Fitness Coaching


Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes are the perfect way to stay motivated and make new friends! Our enthusiastic Instructors are here to lead you in a variety of exercises to help you achieve and maintain your goals. We offer land and water classes as well as a wide range of class offerings. From restorative exercise to dance fitness, HIIT and more, there's something for everyone.

Group Fitness Classes          Fitness Schedules


Specialty Classes

Specialty classes offer a unique fitness experience that will push your workout game to the next level. Classes offered typically have a fee attached. Click below for more details and registration information.

Specialty Classes


Mayo Clinic Health System: Physical Therapy

Mayo Clinic Health System operates a satellite Physical Therapy clinic within the Wellness Center of the YMCA. To learn more about how to schedule an appointment click below.

Mayo Clinic Rehabilitation Services